WA-84 and WA73 Win Highly Commended Awards from Sound on Sound

Warm Audio’s WA-84 Small Condenser Microphone and WA73 Microphone Preamp were both awarded Highly Commended awards from Sound on Sound. This year’s SOS Awards once again placed the emphasis on innovation and contemporary design, with the nominations in most categories being limited to products launched in the 12 months prior to the voting period. These results celebrate the ‘best in … Read More

Production Expert Winner – A Warm Audio WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone

Throughout December we offered the opportunity for over 30 people to win a prize of your choice from an amazing bundle of prizes that we pulled together from our generous partners, worth around £30,000. It gives us great pleasure to announce the winner of the Warm Audio WA-251 Tube Condenser Microphone Worth £810 as Siegfried Koelewijn of The Netherlands. Read … Read More

Performer Magazine: WA273-EQ Review

“Sometimes in recording, tech trumps tone when it comes to accessibility. DAW recording is efficient, but getting the sounds that are classic and yet still current means a lot of tweaking. Of course, a classic mic preamp will bring the tone, but at a cost that might be out of the realm of anyone who doesn’t have an audio engineering … Read More

WA-84 Featured on Sound on Sound September Cover

We are happy to announce that the WA-84 is featured on the latest cover of Sound on Sound Magazine! Read the review here. “SOUND ON SOUND – This month, we put the WA-84 small-diaphragm capacitor mic from Warm Audio to the test — can it truly provide a replacement for Neumann’s legendary KM84 at a fraction of the price? Read … Read More

WA-251 and WA73-EQ Nominated for 2019 Resolution Awards

The WA-251 and WA73-EQ have both been nominated for the Resolution Awards by Resolution Magazine! The nominations for the Resolution Awards have been drawn from an exceptional panel of industry experts and practitioners. Nominated products are presented in specific product category types. Vote for the WA-251 for Best Microphone and WA73-EQ for Best EQ here.

Audio Media International Review: WA-251 and WA-84

“WARM have built an enviable reputation with emulations of classic outboard gear. Rather than re-box Chinese-made technology, WARM has produced a range of products at reasonable prices that stand up well to the original hardware they take their inspiration from. Indeed, my WARM WA-76 compressor sits alongside a vintage 1176 and if there is a difference between them sound quality-wise … Read More


Can Warm Audio really bring one of the most sought after microphones down to mortal budgets? Mike Hillier feels a chill coming. It came as something of a surprise when Warm Audio announced it was going to be launching a pair of microphones based on the legendary Neumann U47. This classic has long been regarded as one of the most … Read More

Mixdown Magazine Reviewed: Warm Audio WA73-EQ Single Channel Mic Preamp.

I’ve often said that most home studios can certainly achieve professional results by simply setting up one single channel of serious front-end for their recording setup. You don’t need a large format console or eight channels of AD conversion if you’re just recording a single track at a time. Rather than wasting money on unnecessary track counts that will never … Read More